Smart Locks Are The Best

Have you ever forgotten to lock your door? While it can be easy mistake, leaving doors unlocked can have detrimental consequences. until recently, I had no idea that a simple technology could eliminate the risk of leaving our door unlocked.

Electronic door locks are extremely practical for busy, modern lifestyles. this feature of the Velocity Smart Home system allows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors in a way that’s most convenient for you. There are numerous ways to use electronic door locks, whether using the keypad in person, the automation app or you can even program doors to lock and unlock automatically every time you arm and disarm your system!

Another perk of electronic door locks is being able to leave and enter your home without keys. I love that when I walk our dog, I don’t need to carry around a bulky keychain! I can travel live and light simply.

Perhaps the best part is that you can lock and unlock your doors from any remote location with a tablet, computer, or smartphone . Whether you need to let the kids in after school or let a neighbor stop by, this is quite useful.

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Scott Mcintosh

Scott Mcintosh

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